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LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEMS: Hawaii Home Electronics is a licensed C-10 electrical contractor. We provide lighting control system design, installation and programming to fit the lifestyle of each individual home owner. With our years of experience we can integrate your lighting control system to your HVAC, Security System, Whole House Audio System to make your house the home you have always dreamed of.

Hawaii Home Electronics invites you to experience home integration at its finest. Unquestionably the most advanced and sophisticated system on the market today. Vantage begins where most other automation systems end. With superior technology, fabulous design, and unique customization, the final destination is a state of the art integration system that will provide convenience and luxury to you home. Decide which automation features you would like to include in the customization of you home. Network Vantage's controls to create limitless integration possibilities - Turn on lighting, play a compact disc, adjust a thermostat and open window coverings with the touch of a button. Vantage will add immeasurable convenience, elegance, sophistication, and value to your home.

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